Who is Dormeo?

Our mission of better sleep through innovation began 20 years ago in Italy and we are now a renowned international brand being sold in over 30 countries.   

Octaspring® Technology is at the heart of our sleep products and what makes Dormeo so different and special.  Creator, Willy Poppe, designed the Octaspring® in an effort to improve his grandson's quality of sleep after suffering a tragic accident.  He witnessed his grandson going through the 'Goldilocks Effect" of traditional spring mattresses creating painful pressure points and memory foam mattresses trapping body heat and that "stuck" feeling.

Patented Octaspring® Technology

Listen to our CEO, Scott Reid, explain this amazing technology and the essence of Dormeo.

Enter, Octaspring® Technology to save the day (and night!). Eight sided, all-foam springs extruded in a honeycomb design individually cradle the curves of your body while offering superior support without painful pressure points or that "stuck" feeling. The extrusion in the all-foam springs allows air to flow freely so body heat passes through the mattress and cool, fresh air is drawn in keeping you at the perfect sleeping temperature. Check out more about our Octaspring® Technology here.

Amazing Customer Care

Our customers are our family and our first priority.  All of our products are designed and tested with you in mind. We use only high-quality, safe ingredients so you can rest easy. We pride ourselves on our Customer Care so if you have questions, concerns or ever need anything we are available to you. (Yes, you can get an actual human through chat, text or even on the phone!)

Sleep is essential to life. Restful, healthy sleep that allows you to live better days is our business and exactly why we do what we do. You can trust Dormeo and our sleep experts to deliver restful nights so you can focus on living your days.