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Sleep more Comfortably and Cooler with our Patented Octaspring® Technology.

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Breathtaking Comfort. 8X Breathability. Superior Support.

Aerospace Technology

Patented Octaspring® Technology

8X More Breathable

Cozy and Cool, Improve your Sleep with Octaspring® Technology

Why Dormeo®

Dormeo® is the first mattress of its kind – an innovative blend of sophistication and tranquility, engineered to give you a balanced sleep experience. High quality Recovery Foam™ offers luxurious comfort and pressure relief, all-foam patented breathable Octaspring® layers provide superior support and natural airflow. Dormeo® brings you the only breathable mattress from top to bottom for natural temperature regulation and healthier, more comfortable sleep.

8X more breathable than traditional memory foam

Breathable foam Octaspring® layers provide unmatched levels of comfort, support, and flexibility across your entire body for a healthy, restful sleep. Patented Octaspring® technology dynamically conforms to the contours and movements of your body resulting in restful, undisturbed sleep.


Our passion for creating comfortable sleep solutions drove us to engineer an award-winning patented design exclusive to Dormeo® products.

Each Octaspring® is designed to move independently in three dimensions. The result is a uniquely responsive, comfortable & breathable sleeping experience.

Powered By Award Winning Octaspring® Aerospace Technology

Smart at the heart

Aerospace technology

Recognized as a key technological aerospace innovation, Octaspring® technology brings first-class comfort from the sky to your bedroom.

Smart comfort

SMARTcomfort engineering blends our award-winning Octaspring® aerospace technology and our passion to create unique sleep solutions you’ll love.

Smart value

Octaspring® technology uses 50% less material in production of every spring. These savings allow us to deliver first class comfort at economy prices.



Patented Octaspring® Aerospace technology is the first true innovation to improve sleep in last 20 years.


Each Octaspring® is individually positioned and moves tri-dimensionaly to offer cradling comfort for every body type.

Dynamic Support

Octaspring® technology constantly adapts to your body providing support without creating pressure points.


Each Octaspring® uses half the weight of solid foam resulting in up to a 30% overall weight reduction.


Octaspring® technology uses 50% less material creating less waste and no metal so it is better for the environment.

Smart Comfort

Octaspring® technology uses individually placed, eight-sided foam springs that move tri-dimensionally to evenly distribute body weight across hundreds of individual extra sensitive comfort points.

Smart Zoning

Octaspring® technology also features smart body zoning in select mattresses and toppers. Smart zoning creates individualized support for your back, hips, and shoulders which allows your spine to take its natural shape - for improved sleep.

Designed for Couples

While our goal is to minimize your need to move while you sleep, each Octaspring® is independent and therefore reduces unwanted motion transfer in your mattress. Each partner is able to get a deep and restful sleep.

The proof is in the sleeping

Dormeo® is one of the world's fastest growing sleep brands. Delivering natural breathability, superior support, and luxurious comfort all while maintaining environmentally conscious sourcing and manufacturing. Browse our wide selection of Dormeo® mattresses, toppers and pillows to find your perfect sleep-solution.

What our customers have to say

Dormeo is the KING of mattresses!! We spent a lot of time researching and laying on mattresses and nothing compares. The technology they use makes for the most comfortable sleep experience. No more waking up sore or stiff or sweaty. They have found a way to conquer it all. This is the kind of bed you never want to get up from. It’s the best of everything. It’s firm enough but still plush enough and definitely cozy enough. They also have incredible customer service and truly value their customers. I recommend Dormeo to everyone I know. You won’t be disappointed.

– Anth

This is a comfortable mattress, running a little on the firmer side of medium firmness. It runs cooler than my Delux model Tempurpedic mattress it replaced. Overall, I am enjoying it. After the inflating period, I do recommend walking on it to break it in. I did and it feels a lot better. I have slept well on it and like the support.

– Chance

The best thing I have purchased in a long time. For the first Time in a long time I get a great night's sleep every night. I would highly recommend this product and this great service.

– Carol Dirom-Holton

The quality of this mattress is amazing coming straight out of the box. The convenient delivery made this process so easy. I suffer from scoliosis and have always struggled with back pain. I am now sleeping better than I ever have before! Can’t speak highly enough of this mattress. I am extremely happy with this purchase!

– Anna S

The Dormeo Topper is all about simplicity. All you have to do is roll it out and you’ve completely transformed your bed.

– Marc Dobson

It really has made a huge difference – it’s transformed our sleep and it’s basically like having a brand new bed!

– Ratcliffe