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All sleep products feature our unique Octaspring® Technology for ultimate comfort & support.

What is Octaspring® Technology?

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Dormeo Octaspring® Technology

Improving Sleep

Improving Lives

Octaspring® Technology is improving lives one night at a time. Our innovative all-foam springs provide both support and comfort. No more sinking, stuck feeling or painful pressure-points. Cozy, restful sleep for refreshing, energized mornings.

Zoned Support

Firmer Octaspring® Technology in the middle where you need the most support and gentler zones under your shoulders and legs for more cradling comfort. Zoned Octaspring® Technology in our Mattresses and Topper dynamically adapts to your unique shape to prevent achy hips, backs and shoulders no matter your sleeping position.

Proper Spinal Alignment

  • Prevents back, hip & shoulder pain
  • Improves circulation for less tossing & turning
  • Allows you to sleep in any position you like
  • Spend more time in valuable REM sleep

Individualized Comfort

Each Octaspring® moves independently in three different directions to cradle even the most delicate parts of your body - say goodbye to painful pressure points. Octaspring® Technology also reduces motion transfer so you can sleep blissfully undisturbed.

Naturally Breathable

Octaspring® Technology is 8x more breathable than traditional foam. Body heat is naturally expelled and cool air is drawn in to keep your body at the perfect sleeping temperature all night long.

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Award Winning Innovation

Apex Award
Crystal Cabin Award
Edison Awards
German Design Award
Innovation Award
Interior Innovation Award
International Yacht and Aviation Award

Why Dormeo?

Woman Playing with Child on Dormeo Bed and Pillow Five Stars
We have bought two of these toppers so far and can’t say enough! Firmed up my old bed that was way too soft. My daughter was complaining that her mattress was too hard and hurting her hips and it added the cushion that she needed - softened it right up. This topper is incredible, highly recommend!

- Patricia D.

✓ Verified Buyer

Couple with Black Cat Sitting on Dormeo Mattress Five Stars
I've never bought a proper mattress; always had used/hand-me-downs. So naturally I always had some sleep issues, back discomfort, etc. With my Dormeo mattress I have the best sleep in my life now. It's perfectly soft yet supportive and firm. I sleep so well; it's the best thing I've ever decided to purchase. Would recommend to anyone/everyone - no regrets!

- Casey

✓ Verified Buyer

Couple with Dormeo Bed and Pillow Five Stars
We bought this topper two years ago and are loving it more and more with each sleep – it cradles in all the right places, supports where we need it AND I don’t wake up hot!

- David R.

✓ Verified Buyer

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Explore our Mattresses and Topper featuring Octaspring® Technology.

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Delivered in a box

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Octaspring Technology®

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Choose Your Comfort

Choose Your Comfort

Improve your life with one of our amazing Mattresses OR, if you have a structurally sound mattress, add the comfort and support of Octaspring® Technology with our Topper and Pillows.

Find Your Size

Find Your Size

Whether you're shopping for your bedroom, guest room, kids' room, or even an RV...we've got your measure. Shop the toppers, or shop our mattresses.

Pay As You Like

Pay As You Like

We understand that improving your sleep is a big decision and also an investment of time and money. That's why we offer several payment options to fit any budget.

Don’t Stress

Don’t Stress

Buying a new sleep product can be a stressful experience. We aim to eliminate as much of that stress as possible. That's why we give you free shipping & returns and a 100 night, risk-free trial. We also have an amazing Customer Care team that is here to help. Get comfy and rest easy, we're here to make your life better!


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