Octaspring® Technology

More Comfortable Sleep for a Better Life

To seek comfort is part of being alive. Our passion is to bring you more comfort in every aspect of life – at home, at work and on your travels. Using our skills in the technology of comfort, we re-imagined its very nature. Then we re-engineered its essentials to create a new concept of comfort.

Introducing Multi-Award winning Octaspring® Aerospace Technology.

Better than Memory Foam - Comfort & Support

Brilliantly innovative, Octaspring® technology combines the comfort of foam and the responsiveness of a spring. Designed to move independently in three dimensions, the all-foam springs work together to deliver incredible comfort and superior support without painful pressure points or that 'stuck' feeling.


Cradling, Pressure-Point Relief while you Sleep

Independent tests have shown that individual Octaspring® placement and their unique ability to create true zones delivers 8X less pressure.

Individual Comfort Points

Octaspring® technology uses individually placed, eight-sided, foam springs that move 3-dimensionally, to evenly distribute body weight across hundreds of individual, extra sensitive, comfort points in the seat cushion, pillow, topper and mattress. Every single Octaspring® adapts to alleviate pressure points from every inch of your body.

Ergonomic Zoning for Proper Spinal Alignment

Another true difference that Octaspring® technology brings, is different firmness zones that are cleverly designed with your body in mind. Smart body zoning helps create better support for your back, hips and shoulders which allows your spine to take its natural shape, delivering supreme comfort.

8X Better Pressure Relief

Smart body zoning helps create ergonomically designed products with better support for your back to allow your spine to take its natural shape, your shoulders to relax, and your circulation to improve…

…the longer you're on it, the more comfortable it gets…

Naturally 8X More Breathable - Sleep Cooler

Cooler than Memory Foam

Our patented Octaspring® technology naturally circulates air throughout each product. Hot, humid air is pushed out and cool, dry, healthy air is pulled in creating natural temperature regulation and a surface cooler than conventional foam.

Multi - Award Winning

We are gaining recognition from world leading design and aerospace experts. In last 18 months our patented Octaspring® technology has won the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award for the best aircraft interior material, nominated best passenger comfort innovation by APEX, won the gold award as best Comfort Design by Edison Awards and nominated as the best new seating solution (Yacht and Aviation Awards).


Octaspring® technology has received awards in sleep, support and design categories - Best new technology (IF awards), Best Sleep technology (Interior Innovation awards). Best new comfort product ( Biggest innovation award), best office support (Iconic), best pregnancy pillow (Mums awards) and best support pillow ( German Design awards).

Take a Seat - an Award Winning Seat!

We wanted to create the most comfortable, supportive and lightweight seat, that would transform the way people travel, with less impact on the planet. Developed by our Comfort Experts in partnership with Airbus, Octaspring® Aerospace technology is now bringing first class comfort to the sky.

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