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Curve 15" Mattress

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Curve 15" Mattress
Curve 15" Mattress Curve 15" Mattress Curve 15" Mattress

The Curve 15" Mattress is the ultimate in luxury. This mattress is the first of its kind to incorporate technology from cover to base. The plushest feel, deepest levels of contouring and support, and highest level of breathability to keep you sleeping cool. The Curve features a cool-to-the-touch cover, our signature Recovery Foam™ to cradle your body, and THREE layers of Octaspring®️ Technology. Zoned Octaspring®️ Technology keeps your body in perfect alignment no matter the sleeping position. The Octachannel™ layer mimics rebar in a building, channels of Octaspring®️ Technology distribute weight and tension across the entire surface of the mattress delivering unparalleled support. Inspired by bridge engineering, the Octacurve™ layer brings Octaspring®️ Technology closest to the body in the center so that the mattress flexes and adapts to the body as you sleep. The Curve mattress is the perfect blend of luxury, comfort and technology designed with all body types in mind.                                                                                                               Questions? Schedule a phone call with a Sleep Expert. Schedule Appointment

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