Get to know Dormeo - Everything You Should Know About Dormeo

Dormeo USA specializes in products specifically engineered to enhance your life through amazing sleep.  All Dormeo USA products feature their patented aerospace Octaspring® Technology.  Brilliantly innovative, Octaspring® technology combines the comfort of foam and the responsiveness of a spring. Designed to move independently in three dimensions, these all-foam springs work together to deliver incredible comfort and support with added environmental benefits.

About Dormeo

Dormeo is a well trusted, global brand focused on improving the lives of their customers through better sleep.  Over the years, Dormeo has invested in the latest technology and engineering to provide customers with a healthy and comfortable sleep. Dormeo has proven to be a leader in the sleep industry and has garnered long-lasting success.

Dormeo is a vertical company meaning that all ingredients used in their products are manufactured by them, from the covers, to the high quality foam to the Octaspring Technology.  Then, all products are shipped directly to their customers from Atlanta, GA to anywhere in the U.S. Pricing for Dormeo mattresses are kept low and competitive because all mattresses are manufactured and shipped to the customer by Dormeo eliminating the mark-up of middle men or retail partners.

Current Dormeo Product Line

The Dormeo USA product line centers around premium mattresses, toppers, and pillows. The latest mattress line features the Dormeo Remedy mattress, the Octasmart Plus mattress, the Dream Bed Lux LX510, and the Dream Bed Lux LX670. Each mattress has its own features and benefits tailored to fit your individual needs.

If you aren’t ready to invest in a new mattress, you can upgrade your current mattress with The Premium Mattress Topper by Dormeo. This Premium Mattress Topper boasts a breathable layer of memory foam and three zones of Octaspring® Aerospace technology that separately support your hips, back, and shoulders giving you a more comfortable and supportive sleep.

One of the most unique benefits of The Premium Mattress Topper by Dormeo is that it is naturally breathable.  Without adding chemicals to the topper it gives you a cooler sleep space.  The Octaspring® Technology pushes humid and hot air out of the topper while pulling in fresh and cool air at the same time. With this technology, the mattress topper is 8x more breathable than standard memory foam. The hypoallergenic cover for the topper bolsters air circulation, can be placed in a washing machine, and is hypoallergenic.

Complete your mattress or topper purchase by selecting the Dormeo True Evolution pillow. Like the topper, this pillow is outfitted with Octaspring® Aerospace technology, which ensures that the pillow is much more breathable and flexible than the majority of pillows you can purchase in the market. The breathable nature of this pillow ensures that your head will remain cool and comfortable without having to flip it over throughout the night because there is no trapped body heat.  The Octaspring® Technology also ensures that your head and neck are properly aligned for comfortable, cozy sleep.  This pillow is great for back and stomach sleepers.

Dormeo Mattresses

Dormeo mattresses are known for their quality, which is why you can be confident that you'll sleep well after buying one of these mattresses. As mentioned previously, the current Dormeo USA line-up features four separate mattresses, all of which feature their patented Octaspring® Technology:

Dormeo Remedy mattress

Octasmart Plus mattress

Dream Bed Lux LX510

Dream Bed Lux LX670

The Dormeo Remedy mattress is designed to provide customers with a medium feel.  A medium feel describes the initial comfort layers and is a nice middle ground between plush and firm. This particular mattress has been engineered to offer soothing comfort and to help hot sleepers as well as sleepers who tend to toss and turn during the night. With an 11-inch profile, this mattress is available in queen, king, and California king sizes.

The layer of high-density memory foam is two-inches thick and is designed to cradle your body, eliminating painful pressure points. The Octaspring® Aerospace technology at the heart of this mattress consists of naturally breathable, all-foam springs that individually adapt to the curves of your body to keep you in proper alignment no matter your sleeping position.  This mattress is naturally breathable so body heat doesn't become trapped within the mattress causing you to wake up hot and sweaty. The mattress is encased in a luxury knit cover that pairs with the Octaspring® technology to pull heat away from the body.

If you opt for the Octasmart Plus mattress, this option comes with a nine-inch profile and provides sleepers with a firmer feel. This mattress has been engineered for hot sleepers as well as anyone who requires excellent spinal alignment while sleeping. If you desire a firm mattress, this may be what you need.

The Octasmart Plus mattress has a one-inch layer of memory foam that cradles painful pressure points to soothe your body. The Octaspring® technology in this mattress features three separate zones for spinal alignment; firmer in the middle where most of your body weight resides and a bit softer under your shoulders and hips to allow for the natural curvature of your spine. Just like the Remedy mattress, the Octasmart Plus mattress is naturally breathable. The high-performance cover completes this mattress with hundreds of comfort pockets that are designed to provide sleepers with a cozy feeling.  The Octasmart Plus Mattress is available in Twin, Twin Extra Long, Full, Queen, King and California King size.  This mattress is no longer being manufactured so if you are interested, be sure to purchase before they sell out!

The other two mattresses available through Dormeo are luxury mattresses that feature Octaspring® technology but are designed to provide sleepers with a true memory foam feel. The Dream Bed Lux LX510 mattress has a 12 inch profile and offers a cushion firm feel. This particular mattress has been engineered for hot sleepers, to provide conforming comfort, and to provide a more firm memory foam feel. It features a luxury cooling cover, which is cool to the touch and is able to disperse body heat. The cover is also hypoallergenic and allows fresh air to flow directly through the mattress.

The high-density memory foam that comes with this mattress is twice as thick as the Remedy mattress at four inches. Along with delivering cloud-like comfort, this mattress is able to cradle the body without enveloping it. It is available in a Twin Extra Long, Queen, King and California King.

The Dream Bed Lux LX670 has a 14 inch profile and provides sleepers with a luxuriously plush feel. The LX670 has been engineered to provide soothing pressure relief as well as opulent and cloud-like comfort. At five inches, the layer of memory foam on this mattress is the thickest one available through Dormeo and therefore provides luxurious and enveloping comfort and the softest comfort level.

The luxury cooling cover that's equipped on the LX670 is the same as the LX510, which means that you'll derive all of the same benefits from it. This mattress can be selected in twin XL, queen, king, and California king sizes.

No matter which Dormeo mattress you select, it's important to understand that these mattresses are manufactured to a specific standard and then go through rigorous testing to ensure their quality and durability.

All Dormeo products are Certipur US certified meaning that they are nontoxic and free from any potentially harmful chemicals.

Info on Warranty and Return Policy

Do not worry if you ever need to  to start a warranty claim on a Dormeo USA mattress, they have a 98% acceptance rate and one of the best customer service teams you can find.  You'll need to contact the team by email at They will guide you through the steps needed to go through the process. Any mattress from Dormeo is covered by a limited warranty that lasts for 10 years and starts 90 days following the day of delivery. While the warranty period is ongoing, Dormeo will replace or repair your mattress in the event that it's defective because of faulty materials or workmanship.

In order to start a warranty claim, you must produce a receipt that can serve as a proof of purchase. Keep in mind that these mattresses are designed to be used on adjustable, firm, or solid-surface bases, which means that using the mattress on an inappropriate foundation will cause the limited warranty to be voided. The warranty doesn't apply to:

Standard wear and tear

Issues caused by the mattress being stored or used in unsanitary conditions

Using the mattress on an unsupported foundation

When you write an email to the Dormeo USA team to start warranty proceedings, consider including pictures of the issue alongside your written request. As for the mattress cover, it has a warranty of one year.

If you purchase a Dormeo topper, the topper itself comes with a limited warranty of 10 years. The removable cover that's attached to the topper has a one-year warranty that covers the workmanship and quality of the cover.

If you want to return your mattress or topper because you aren't wholly satisfied, you must use the mattress for a period of 30 days before returning the product. This is because it is very common for it to take your body an adjustment period when sleeping on a new surface.  If you still aren't satisfied after this period of time, you can request a complete refund. After 30 days, you will have 70 more days to return the product and obtain a full refund. Altogether, this amounts to a risk-free trial that lasts for 100 nights.

When you want to begin a return, contact the Dormeo customer care department at during business hours.

Now that you know Dormeo and have a better understanding of their reputation and the quality of their products, you should be confident that you're purchasing a mattress that will meet your standards and provide you with a quality sleep.

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