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Octaspring® Topper - Previous Model

$119.00 $325.99

Octaspring® Topper  - Previous Model
Octaspring® Topper  - Previous Model Octaspring® Topper  - Previous Model Octaspring® Topper  - Previous Model

Say hello to the Octaspring® Topper

Take advantage of our limited quantities of our Octaspring® Topper  - get them while they last!

How does this compare to the Octasmart® Topper?

The Octaspring® Topper has a top layer of our signature Recovery Foam™, a washable luxury cover, and our patented Octaspring® Technology just like our newer model.  The main difference is it does not have Zoned Support within the Octaspring® layer. 

The Octaspring® Topper features a breathable top layer of foam for cradling comfort paired with patented multi-award winning Octaspring® Aerospace technology.  Our Octaspring® technology will offer superior support and renewed comfort for your beloved (or not so beloved) mattress.

Octaspring® Aerospace technology at the heart of the Octaspring® Topper transforms your old mattress and adapts to your body through hundreds of extra sensitive comfort points.

If you are looking for additional comfort and support then this topper will be great for you.  


It Literally Breathes - Our patented Octaspring® technology expels hot, humid air and pulls in cool, fresh air making your topper naturally up to 8X more breathable than standard memory foam.  Natural temperature regulation keeps you sleeping at the perfect temperature for longer, deeper, uninterrupted sleep.

Smart Comfort At The Heart - Powered by multi-award winning Octaspring® technology, the Octaspring® Topper delivers 3-dimensional support to perfectly adapt to every inch of your body, cradling it and providing a new level of comfort.

CertiPUR-US Certified Materials - Dormeo® foams meet standards for content, emissions, and durability. Our materials have been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. 

Hypo-Allergenic Cover - High performance cover enhances air circulation, wicks away moisture and is machine washable.