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Dormeo® True Evolution Pillow - Free

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  • AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGY INSIDE: Dormeo's patented, award winning Octaspring® Aerospace Technology is the latest innovation in comfort. 3D Flexibility, 8X more breathability, and pressure relieving support combine to transform the way we enjoy sleep. Instantly transform your current pillow and enjoy a totally new sleeping experience.


  • 8X MORE BREATHABLE: Dormeo’s Octaspring® technology is specifically engineered to keep your pillow the perfect temperature. Our naturally breathable Octaspring® Technology paired with the breathable cover allows pillow to expel hot, humid air and pull in cool, dry air keeping your head cooler than your ordinary pillow.


  • SMART SOLUTIONS FOR SMARTER SLEEP: Unlike other pillows; the Dormeo Octaspring® True Evolution utilizes our multi-award winning aerospace technology to tackle one of the most common problems of sleep deprivation. Get a cooler, longer and more comfortable sleep – our patented memory foam springs will cradle your head and make you pleasantly surprised the first night you try it out!