Duo Pillow and Dark Pillow help grow product line of premium sleep products

Dormeo®—a provider of premium sleep products, including mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows—announces the availability of two new versatile pillows, targeted at different kinds of sleepers. The Premium Duo Pillow by Dormeo is designed for stomach, back and side sleepers, while The Dormeo Dark Pillow is geared towards traditional users of memory foam pillows.

The Premium Duo Pillow is the best of both worlds as it is softer on one side, and firmer on the other    . It will adapt to your sleep position through 48 extra-sensitive comfort points of these two different firmness levels. The softer side is designed for stomach sleepers, while the firmer side is designed for back and side sleepers.

The new Dormeo Dark Pillow by Dormeo is more for the traditional memory foam pillow users. It includes Dormeo’s signature recovery foam on the top and the bottom of the pillow that is ventilated to prevent trapped heat. In addition, there’s a layer of cooling gel on one side of the pillow. So, if you sleep hot you can sleep on that side and it gives you that cooling gel effect. Or, flip it over during colder weather for a more traditional memory foam feel. It is a pillow for all seasons.

“The thing that makes our premium Dormeo pillows the most unique on the market is the use of our patented Octaspring® technology. This technology is at the heart of all our products—mattresses, mattress toppers and pillows—and provides sleepers with the support and airflow required for a good night’s sleep,” said Scott Reid, CEO, Dormeo North America. “These two new premium pillows complement our mattresses and mattress toppers, allowing customers the opportunity to truly get a restful night’s sleep.”

The Duo Pillow is available in two sizes: Jumbo (20” W x 28” L) and King (20” W x 36” L). The Dark Pillow is also available in two sizes: Queen (16” W x 24” L) and King (18” W x 34” L).

Dormeo’s patented Octaspring technology expels hot, humid air and pulls in cool, fresh air making your pillows naturally up to 8-times more breathable than standard memory foam.  Natural temperature regulation keeps you sleeping at the optimal temperature for longer, deeper, uninterrupted sleep. And, the hypo-allergenic cover enhances air circulation, wicks away moisture and is machine washable.

“If you toss and turn a lot at night and you're flipping your pillow around trying to get into a comfortable position, the Duo Pillow is a great pillow for you because you can switch it around to give you the best support for your sleeping position,” added Reid.

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